Cyma CM030: maybe, the best airsoft Glock 18

Cyma CM030 (Airsoft Glock 18) can only be compared to the Tokyo Marui; it is one of the best and pleasantly inexpensive electric gun with no throwback that you can get in the market today. It is the perfect pistol if you are a skirmisher or a re-enactor. It has received very positive reviews making it a worthwhile investment.

It may not fire like a full sized AEG but it does shoot faster and more accurately than some electric riffles. It is a close quarter killing machine making it effective if the battle gets closer and with 100 round clip, you are sure that you have got a reliable companion when you need one.

The Cyma CM030 is a very high quality and reliable sidearm that won’t jam on you in a month like most electric guns. You can actually use it as your primary gun especially in CQB’s with no worry that it surpasses the acceptable limits in your region like most AEG’s. The full metal gearbox and its solid make helps in giving it a longer life. The gun is relatively flawless; its power is from electric rechargeable batteries and comes with its charger. It has a good battery life and charges quickly.

Its clip can hold 20-30 bullets and you can set it to be fully or semi-automatic. It has a nice balanced weight and feels good to hold.

It firing rate is high, it can fire 10-15 rounds per second. It can shoot to a distance of up to 50 yards on semi-automatic. It has a good sturdy feel and is ideal even if you want to train in your garage. It however fires better if you put 20 gram BB’s rather than use the bb’s that come with the gun.

Its only drawbacks are that it does not fire 280 but more like 180-210.Its charger is not a smart charger so you need to manually time it when you are charging. Battery charging instructions are vague making it hard to know how long it should be left to charge. The recommended time is 2 hours 30 minutes but charge it for less time if it wasn’t flat. It’s also a bit difficult to load the clips.

You can replace it with Tokyo Marui magazine with much ease as it fits perfectly, just spray a little silicon on it and you are ready to go. Do not forget to put lube first!

It’s easy to remove the metal slide located at the back, you just pull it and you get the battery installation area and hop-up adjustment. It has a brass inner barrel making it more effective. It also has the safety mode.

The box it comes with contains: the pistol, bb speed loader, charger, a cleaning rod, standard 30 bb round magazine, 200 very well polished bb rounds, a 7.2v 500mah Ni-MH battery , a small Allen key and its manual.
At a more affordable rate you get the most reliable airsoft gun with no blowback and with greater accuracy, quality and durability in today’s market. It also looks very cool!

Airsoft Glock: awesome things you can do with it!

Awesome things you can do with a good Airsoft weapon!

I often obtain the question, what would you use these types of unique weapons for? Could it be a gadget? Is this a tool? Is this a paintball weapon? Well, in the following paragraphs, I ‘m going review some useful explanations why people appreciate airsoft weapons, and through the end of the write upward, you could find your own causes of wanting 1!

  1. They’re used for action much such as paintball. There tend to be competitive contests that involve using one of those guns. This can be a very well-liked hobby that’s growing through leaps as well as bounds. Like a matter associated with fact, it’s cheaper, much more realistic, and much more tactical compared to paintball. You will find businesses which have staged areas where people may come and possess “war”. I’ve even heard about theme parks which are strictly with regard to airsoft fans.
  2. They’re used with regard to training (military, law enforcement, swat, and so on.). Many expert organizations make use of airsoft weapons to coach officers and to undergo various scenarios.
  3. Kids rely on them for yard fun. Though WE strongly think that children ought to be monitored whenever playing, it is among the most well-liked backyard activities for older kids.
  4. Adults rely on them to train their kids about weapon safety. The weapons in airsoft are much like real weapons except that they’re not deadly. You need to clean all of them, lubricate all of them, and be careful when dealing with them. This is actually the perfect method to teach your children responsibility along with guns.
  5. They’re used with regard to target exercise. This is a terrific way to have a few funs and also to blow away some vapor.
  6. Often they are utilized for insect control. Some airsoft weapons are powerful to find the attention associated with small online game, possibly actually killing all of them. Though I’d not recommend utilizing it for which purpose.

Lots of people might question, what’s the actual difference in between an airsoft gun along with a BB weapon? The primary difference is really a BB weapon uses steel BBs, as the airsoft weapons use plastic material BBs. Additionally, a BB gun isn’t intended for any game and you ought to never utilize it to shoot someone else. (This appears like common sense) They’re more effective than any kind of airsoft weapon. On another hand, airsoft weapons are meant for shooting others inside a game so long as the individuals involved tend to be wearing the correct protection.

I also wish to give a few foods with regard to thought for all those that believe that this is far too dangerous a task. There tend to be rules as well as guidelines in order to airsoft the same as there tend to be rules to driving a vehicle, riding the bike, utilizing a kitchen chef’s knife, or a pencil or even pen. Should you choose stupid things by using it, you could possibly get hurt.

Keep in mind, responsibility ought to be taught with any kind of gun, daylights even gadget guns. It’s a parents responsibility to exhibit kids how to deal with and take care of them. That’s the reason a kid cannot buy an airsoft gun by himself.

Airsoft Glock Cyma CM030 – CQB choice

If you are in to skirmishes and re-enactment, then you know the importance of having a good sidearm. The Cyma CM030 (Airsoft Glock 18) is the best choice in the market right now at a very affordable price.

This gun can only be compared to the Tokyo Marui in terms of its efficiency and the best thing is it is a lot cheaper that the Tokyo Marui! It is compatible with the Tokyo Marui’s magazine that is, if you feel like you want to make it even better.

It has a full metal gearbox and a brass inner barrel which makes it last longer. It can actually serve you for years! Do not forget to put in lube first.

It is fully automated and gets its power from rechargeable electric batteries which charge very quickly. It may not be as accurate as a full sized AEG but it’s more accurate and faster than most electric assault rifles. It has a high firing rate of about 10-15 rounds per second which is just amazing!

When the battle gets to close range, it is a good killer machine and with 100 round clip you are set. It can fire up to about 50 yards on semi-automatic and it’s a perfect gun if you want to train at the privacy of your garage. It is however more effective if you use 20 grams BB as opposed to the BB’s that come with it. Cyma Airsoft Glock looks cool and is very solid. It has a balanced weight and has a sturdy feel allowing you to shoot better.

It has no blowback, has a safe mode and is good for CQB’s. Its batteries have a long life and can easily be removed. It fires 180-210 not 280 like most guns. You can load about 30 rounds on its clip and though loading the clip can prove to be a bit difficult at first, eventually you get the hang of it.

The package comes with the gun, charger, rechargeable battery, cleaning rod, highly polished BB’s, 30 BB’s standard magazine, BB speed loader, a small Allen key and a manual.

The manual is however a bit vague when it comes to the time you should charge the battery, which is disappointing considering the charger is not a smart charger. You have to manually time when charging to avoid overheating the pack. It’s recommended that you should charge it for about 2 hours and 30 minutes if its flat but less if it wasn’t flat.

The reliability and effectiveness of the gun means that you can actually use it as a primary.

The metal slide can be easily removed by simply pulling it and there you get the battery installation area and hop up adjustment.

Buying a gun should be an investment not a risk and this gun will serve to your satisfaction. It has received many positive reviews meaning that using it will be both an experience and an adventure to look forward to every time. Unlike most electric riffles the Cyma CM030 (Airsoft Glock 18) is within the allowed limit in your area making it the perfect choice.

CYMA 030 Electric Airsoft Glock: side arm that worth its price

CYMA 030 overall structure.

When you first receive this gun you will notice the gun’s length is 8.5″. The mag clip, which holds between 28- 30 BB’s, the speed loader which makes loading the mag much easier, and of course the charger which charges a 7.2 V Ni-cd battery ; unfortunately the charger is not a smart charger, typically a 10+ hrs. charge will cause the battery pack to get warm/hot when fully charged and possibly overheat the pack if you forget to disconnect it. So it is recommended you find a timer or something which will allow you not to overcharge nor under charge.

I would personally not recommend using the .12 BB’s that come with the gun. Instead I would use the Bio-Degradable .20g airsoft BBS. The Bio-Degradable ones will degrade after a time thus making them environmentally friendly for those whom like shooting outdoors.

The gun’s body is made of durable ABS plastic, which honestly felt solid with a comfortable grip, making this sidearm very nice to hold. Its heavyweight full metal alloy slide, allows more accurate firing. The full metal gear box provides additional safety and allows longer life of the gun; its full length aluminum barrel provides even further protection to the user.

CYMA 030 adjustable hop-up allows fine tuning for the direction of the BB. For instance should there be windy conditions on the day you wish to fire the gun you might choose to set the hop-up higher or lower to compensate the wind. There is also a switch for selecting between semi-automatic and full-automatic along the left hand side of the gun.

To reach the inside of the gun you must press the button where the hammer would be, this releases the cover which reveals the battery slot and all of its metal parts. Removing the battery is simple enough with a press of the lever on the left side of the gun; the battery will pop out of its slot.

The safety clip on this gun is on the right side,” up” is unlocked to allow the trigger to be pressed freely, “down” locks the trigger in place. The button to eject the mag is just below the finger guard on the handle of the gun, pressing this button allows for the mag to be released fairly easily; however, not as easily as it unloads. With a non-locking spring in the mag you must hold the spring down while you load one BB at a time, or you could use the enclosed speed loader, Which will allow you to hold down the spring on the mag and swiftly load your BB’s into the mag with the speed loader. (Make sure you place BB’s in the speed loader first).


Depending on age of the device and your personal luck, CYMA 030 fires 180-240 fps not the 280 fps as was the original thought. There is a downside to keeping this gun set on full auto; it tends to use the BBs at a very fast rate. So it is recommended you keep this gun set on Semi-auto unless you have perfect aim on your selected target.

If the Hop-up is set correctly, it is possible to hit a target at about 80 feet in a few shot’s. At 90-110 feet set on semi-auto you could still hit this same target, and can go possibly another 10-20 feet further on fully automatic. However; like any other pistol which doesn’t have a large stock. This alone makes this gun unstable in outdoor shooting ranges, though it is much smaller in design, which allows it to soar in close quarters.

The areas where the CYMA O30 trumps other such side arms is the close quarters battles, and its price made this gun worth its weight. Its compact design gives it a leading edge over its competition. Though it does not shoot like the AEG, It does its own damage in close quarters where it excels.

There is a full variety of upgrades available for this weapon; among them is a laser sight as well as a new top rail kit for the Cyma 030 Electric Pistol.

Final Comments.

This sidearm is fully upgradable; however, a slight pain to put back together once it’s been taken apart. All in all if you want a good sidearm that will be durable, swift on the fire, accurate to at least 80 feet, and require less space to fire then the CYMA 030 is the type of gun you have been looking for. IF you want something that does hard damage, can be fired accurately from over 200 feet or more and is perfect for the outdoors and wide open spaces, The CYMA 030 is not what you’re looking for.

Airsoft Glock 18 (Cyma CM030)

The Cyma CM030 Airsoft Glock 18 is comparable in looks and performance to the much more expensive Tokyo Marui Glock and it is also compatible with the Tokyo Marui’s upgrades. As far as value for money goes it is quite possibly the best airsoft gun available and absolutely ideal for skirmishing.

Some of the technical specifications for the gun are as follows: The gun is made by CYMA and has a safety mode plus adjustable hop up. It features a metal gearbox, as well as a brass inner barrel for increased durability. It has a length of 18cm or approximately 7.10 inches and weighs 770 grams (about 27 ounces). It can fire in semi-automatic or full automatic and comes with a 29 round metal magazine.

I have had the gun for a couple of years now and it has yet to jam, plus people I know that also own the Cyma CM030 Airsoft Glock 18 say pretty much the same thing, so it’s reliability is without question superb. The gun is excellent for close quarters combat and will very often outperform almost any other AEG in said situations and with the addition of an over-sized clip it becomes a monster in CQB. This little beauty has saved me on numerous occasions and to be quite honest I think it fires faster and is more accurate than some electric assault rifles. The pistol’s range of 160 feet or more make it quite suitable for the occasional long range application and in actual fact performs so well overall that I have used it as a primary weapon in many a skirmish. It goes without saying that firing the gun on full auto is going to diminish the accuracy somewhat but on semi-auto it is accurate to a good 50 yards or so which is impressive for a hand-gun. The Cyma CM030 is an excellent side arm to carry with you into any type of battle, it has a good, sturdy, natural feel to it, plus it looks very formidable and more than a little cool.

Training with this Glock replica is great as you can easily practice your battle skills in a small space such as the garage or living room (it’s probably not a good idea to train in your living room). It comes with all the basics that you need, such as a charger, barrel cleaner, ammo etc. I would not recommend using the BB’s that come with the gun go buy some good .20 gram or heavier pellets. There are several upgrades and add-ons for the gun such as springs to increase the velocity, different magazines or even silencers so really the CM030 can be adapted for various tastes and situations.

The Cyma CM030 has very few negative qualities and really the only cons I have discovered are that it fires at about 220fps, a little low so it obviously does not hit as hard as a full sized AEG. The battery charger is not a smart charger so you have to be careful not to leave it charging for too long, usually about two and a half hours. That’s it really, this is an awesome gun and I honestly think it may be the best airsoft gun I have ever owned, let me rephrase that, it is the best airsoft gun I have owned. I highly recommend getting one; you cannot go wrong with this pistol.