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Cyma CM030: maybe, the best airsoft Glock 18

Cyma CM030 (Airsoft Glock 18) can only be compared to the Tokyo Marui; it is one of the best and pleasantly inexpensive electric gun with no throwback that you can get in the market today. It is the perfect pistol if you are a skirmisher or a re-enactor. It has received very positive reviews making it a worthwhile investment. Read the rest of this entry »

Airsoft Glock: awesome things you can do with it!

Awesome things you can do with a good Airsoft weapon!

I often obtain the question, what would you use these types of unique weapons for? Could it be a gadget? Is this a tool? Is this a paintball weapon? Read the rest of this entry »

Airsoft Glock Cyma CM030 – CQB choice

If you are in to skirmishes and re-enactment, then you know the importance of having a good sidearm. The Cyma CM030 (Airsoft Glock 18) is the best choice in the market right now at a very affordable price. Read the rest of this entry »

CYMA 030 Electric Airsoft Glock: side arm that worth its price

CYMA 030 overall structure.

When you first receive this gun you will notice the gun’s length is 8.5″. The mag clip, which holds between 28- 30 BB’s, the speed loader which makes loading the mag much easier, and of course the charger which charges a 7.2 V Ni-cd battery ; unfortunately the charger is not a smart charger, typically a 10+ hrs. charge will cause the battery pack to get warm/hot when fully charged and possibly overheat the pack if you forget to disconnect it. So it is recommended you find a timer or something which will allow you not to overcharge nor under charge.

Read the rest of this entry »

Airsoft Glock 18 (Cyma CM030)

The Cyma CM030 Airsoft Glock 18 is comparable in looks and performance to the much more expensive Tokyo Marui Glock and it is also compatible with the Tokyo Marui’s upgrades. As far as value for money goes it is quite possibly the best airsoft gun available and absolutely ideal for skirmishing. Read the rest of this entry »