If you are in to skirmishes and re-enactment, then you know the importance of having a good sidearm. The Cyma CM030 (Airsoft Glock 18) is the best choice in the market right now at a very affordable price.

This gun can only be compared to the Tokyo Marui in terms of its efficiency and the best thing is it is a lot cheaper that the Tokyo Marui! It is compatible with the Tokyo Marui’s magazine that is, if you feel like you want to make it even better.

It has a full metal gearbox and a brass inner barrel which makes it last longer. It can actually serve you for years! Do not forget to put in lube first.

It is fully automated and gets its power from rechargeable electric batteries which charge very quickly. It may not be as accurate as a full sized AEG but it’s more accurate and faster than most electric assault rifles. It has a high firing rate of about 10-15 rounds per second which is just amazing!

When the battle gets to close range, it is a good killer machine and with 100 round clip you are set. It can fire up to about 50 yards on semi-automatic and it’s a perfect gun if you want to train at the privacy of your garage. It is however more effective if you use 20 grams BB as opposed to the BB’s that come with it. Cyma Airsoft Glock looks cool and is very solid. It has a balanced weight and has a sturdy feel allowing you to shoot better.

It has no blowback, has a safe mode and is good for CQB’s. Its batteries have a long life and can easily be removed. It fires 180-210 not 280 like most guns. You can load about 30 rounds on its clip and though loading the clip can prove to be a bit difficult at first, eventually you get the hang of it.

The package comes with the gun, charger, rechargeable battery, cleaning rod, highly polished BB’s, 30 BB’s standard magazine, BB speed loader, a small Allen key and a manual.

The manual is however a bit vague when it comes to the time you should charge the battery, which is disappointing considering the charger is not a smart charger. You have to manually time when charging to avoid overheating the pack. It’s recommended that you should charge it for about 2 hours and 30 minutes if its flat but less if it wasn’t flat.

The reliability and effectiveness of the gun means that you can actually use it as a primary.

The metal slide can be easily removed by simply pulling it and there you get the battery installation area and hop up adjustment.

Buying a gun should be an investment not a risk and this gun will serve to your satisfaction. It has received many positive reviews meaning that using it will be both an experience and an adventure to look forward to every time. Unlike most electric riffles the Cyma CM030 (Airsoft Glock 18) is within the allowed limit in your area making it the perfect choice.