CYMA 030 overall structure.

When you first receive this gun you will notice the gun’s length is 8.5″. The mag clip, which holds between 28- 30 BB’s, the speed loader which makes loading the mag much easier, and of course the charger which charges a 7.2 V Ni-cd battery ; unfortunately the charger is not a smart charger, typically a 10+ hrs. charge will cause the battery pack to get warm/hot when fully charged and possibly overheat the pack if you forget to disconnect it. So it is recommended you find a timer or something which will allow you not to overcharge nor under charge.

I would personally not recommend using the .12 BB’s that come with the gun. Instead I would use the Bio-Degradable .20g airsoft BBS. The Bio-Degradable ones will degrade after a time thus making them environmentally friendly for those whom like shooting outdoors.

The gun’s body is made of durable ABS plastic, which honestly felt solid with a comfortable grip, making this sidearm very nice to hold. Its heavyweight full metal alloy slide, allows more accurate firing. The full metal gear box provides additional safety and allows longer life of the gun; its full length aluminum barrel provides even further protection to the user.

CYMA 030 adjustable hop-up allows fine tuning for the direction of the BB. For instance should there be windy conditions on the day you wish to fire the gun you might choose to set the hop-up higher or lower to compensate the wind. There is also a switch for selecting between semi-automatic and full-automatic along the left hand side of the gun.

To reach the inside of the gun you must press the button where the hammer would be, this releases the cover which reveals the battery slot and all of its metal parts. Removing the battery is simple enough with a press of the lever on the left side of the gun; the battery will pop out of its slot.

The safety clip on this gun is on the right side,” up” is unlocked to allow the trigger to be pressed freely, “down” locks the trigger in place. The button to eject the mag is just below the finger guard on the handle of the gun, pressing this button allows for the mag to be released fairly easily; however, not as easily as it unloads. With a non-locking spring in the mag you must hold the spring down while you load one BB at a time, or you could use the enclosed speed loader, Which will allow you to hold down the spring on the mag and swiftly load your BB’s into the mag with the speed loader. (Make sure you place BB’s in the speed loader first).


Depending on age of the device and your personal luck, CYMA 030 fires 180-240 fps not the 280 fps as was the original thought. There is a downside to keeping this gun set on full auto; it tends to use the BBs at a very fast rate. So it is recommended you keep this gun set on Semi-auto unless you have perfect aim on your selected target.

If the Hop-up is set correctly, it is possible to hit a target at about 80 feet in a few shot’s. At 90-110 feet set on semi-auto you could still hit this same target, and can go possibly another 10-20 feet further on fully automatic. However; like any other pistol which doesn’t have a large stock. This alone makes this gun unstable in outdoor shooting ranges, though it is much smaller in design, which allows it to soar in close quarters.

The areas where the CYMA O30 trumps other such side arms is the close quarters battles, and its price made this gun worth its weight. Its compact design gives it a leading edge over its competition. Though it does not shoot like the AEG, It does its own damage in close quarters where it excels.

There is a full variety of upgrades available for this weapon; among them is a laser sight as well as a new top rail kit for the Cyma 030 Electric Pistol.

Final Comments.

This sidearm is fully upgradable; however, a slight pain to put back together once it’s been taken apart. All in all if you want a good sidearm that will be durable, swift on the fire, accurate to at least 80 feet, and require less space to fire then the CYMA 030 is the type of gun you have been looking for. IF you want something that does hard damage, can be fired accurately from over 200 feet or more and is perfect for the outdoors and wide open spaces, The CYMA 030 is not what you’re looking for.